2011-2012 school year- my motivation

Today was my first day back at work–I started my day at 5AM working on some web projects that I’m very excited about (I’ll blog about them later this week!)  I even skipped boot camp at the gym to fit in a few extra minutes to fiddle around on the computer before I had to rush off to work.  When I arrived, the entire faculty was in a meeting where the details of our new status as a “turnaround” school were discussed.  Not fun. That’s all I will say about that.  On his blog, Zen Habits, my favorite blogger,  Leo Babauta, wrote a post titled “The Myth of Discipline“, in which he asserts that motivation, not discipline, is what drives us to get things done. This post, along with “Achieving, Without Goals“, helped me define a path of following my passions as opposed to simply meeting arbitrary objectives based on what I “should” be doing. My focus this school year is to do what I love and inspire others with what motivates me. Continue reading 2011-2012 school year- my motivation