Keeping it real.

“Keepin’ it Real: Real Math from Real Life”
Throughout my AP Statistics course, student groups will take turns recording and uploading a bi-weekly webcast in a news report-style format. Students will find real-life data and/or summary statistics and integrate topics discussed the previous 2 weeks in class to analyze or display the data in meaningful ways that are interesting for viewers. Students will be assessed on the inclusion and appropriate use of all of the methods discussed in class during the previous week and proper data collection from reliable, accurate sources using approved protocols. Students will also be assessed on their proper use of the vocabulary of statistics to describe the methods, results, and inferences included in their report. Other areas of assessment for this project will be determined collectively by the students as an introductory activity at the beginning of the school year. Students, parents, teachers, and community members outside of class will be able to view and critique this ongoing project, ensuring a dynamic, interactive project that will mimic the nature of relevant statistical research.


This week in Calculus we did a mini-project where students had to take some function families and create a “function family tree” and present information about the different types of functions. This activity serves as a great review of the different functions that we will be seeing this year in Calculus. I had no idea how much work my students would have put into this, but I am very happy with the results! Check out our pics, and here is the rubric I used to grade the project.

Algebra Camp Day 4

Today we really got down to business and learned. The first group played math jeopardy, and we all had pedometers and we walked around campus and calculated how many steps we took in a certain amount of minutes. The second group worked on integers and also played math jeopardy. Tomorrow will probably be even more exciting.
by Abigail and Amber

Algebra Camp Day One

UNO mac lab

This week, I am helping out with an algebra camp that is being put on by the UNO Curriculum and Instruction department through Dr. Yvelyne Germain-McCarthy.  My students will be taking pictures and writing about what we do each day, and I will post it here.  Today we spent some time getting to know one another.  We began with bingo and discussing expectations.  Then we went to the mac lab and visited where students can find math games that will help them practice their basic skills in pre-algebra and algebra.  Students also visited  to take an assessment that will be used to determine algebra readiness.  We finished up with an activity that helped reinforce the need for everyone to work together this week in order for the camp to be successful.  I am looking forward to a great week!