Calculus in Plain English–Volume 2

I have a lot of stuff to blog about, but so little time! Here is a tidbit: “Calculus in Plain English” is back!!!  I am teaching AP Calc AB this semester, and I only have 5 students in the class.  They will be making videos for each unit we cover.  Here is their first– “Limits in Plain English”.

BlanchetBlog regulars will notice that this is my first non-TeacherTube video. I am currently making the transition to Vimeo. It has its drawbacks (slow upload), but TeacherTube has become so bloated with ads and everything else but videos, that I have finally decided to try other sites. I would like to give SchoolTube a try, too. Since YouTube is blocked by our school system, I will always be searching for a good alternative for video sharing. Vimeo seems to be getting the job done for now.
I am very proud of my students and their first video. I know their next, “Derivatives in Plain English”, will be even better. Stay tuned!!!

A few videos for your viewing pleasure…

I have also included the president’s message to students that aired last week. Regardless of our political affiliations, I think we owe it to our kids to allow them to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the message that this president has for them. This is a message for young and old, and I will be sure to share it with my children, since they did not get to see it at their (public) school.

I have been constantly getting requests to help my fellow teachers with using their Promethean boards. While I will not have the time to meet every request, there is help available 24-7. Teachertube has a series of videos called Promethean Activtips where teachers can search and find video tutorials on a plethora of topics from setting up the board to using advanced features. Below is an example of an Activtip Video. You’ll find them to be short, to the point, and available for you to watch again and again until you master the skill being taught. Visit the Promethean Planet Teachertube page for more, including teacher features showing teachers who have successfully integrated their board in their instruction and short cartoon videos that give quick and easy to integrate strategies that you can put to use in your classroom.