brb… (Calculus in Plain English Video 1)

here’s our first Calculus in Plain English vid! I am SO PROUD of Brian, Karla, Zeyda and Loan for creating the first video to be posted on my blog even with Gustav churning in the Carribean. I am so excited about returning after our “holiday” and doing more great work together!

Please leave comments to let me know that you’re OK. See ya on Wednesday,
Mrs. B


This week in Calculus we did a mini-project where students had to take some function families and create a “function family tree” and present information about the different types of functions. This activity serves as a great review of the different functions that we will be seeing this year in Calculus. I had no idea how much work my students would have put into this, but I am very happy with the results! Check out our pics, and here is the rubric I used to grade the project.

Algebra Camp Day Three

how many marbles doe it take to break the spaghetti?
how many marbles doe it take to break the spaghetti?


Wow! today was even better than day 2!  We split up into our groups again. Group one learned how to multiply and divide fractions, while group 2 did an experiment. Group 2 tested the strength of spaghetti pieces. We used spaghetti, styrofoam cups, paperclips, marbles, and a partner. Attaching the paperclip to the cup and the spaghetti inside the paperclip, we added marbles into the cup until the spaghetti popped. This was by far the best time we have had at algebra camp. It seams that each day gets better and better. This is truly a great exprience, with great teachers.
by-Leo, Kalon and Abigail