Back to School = Back to Moodle!

This year, I am revisiting Moodle as the Learning Management System (LMS) for my Pre-Calculus classes. I considered making a switch this year, but settled with Moodle again since I already created a course for my Pre-Cal classes last year and it worked out really well. Using Moodle again, to me, is like getting to teach the same course again– I can add to what I did last year and make it work even better for my new classes. I was able to delete last year’s students and add my new groups very easily. Check out my Moodle at Continue reading Back to School = Back to Moodle!

My 1st day on #PoWPlanet

Today was awesome–not only was I super-energetic after having some down time over the weekend, but I finally started one of the projects I am excited about trying out with my students this year. Last week, I blogged about the “PoW Planet Project”, a joint effort between the Math Forum at Drexel and me to bring teachers and students from around the world together with problem solving and math. It all started in my class today with my introducing the “problem of the week” (PoW). For those of my readers who are actually subscribers to the Math Forum PoWs, we are doing the last summer Algebra problem, titled “Eating Contest”. Continue reading My 1st day on #PoWPlanet

PoW Planet Project (p^3)

I am super-excited about one of a few projects I have coming up. I do not have all the details but I have to share what’s happened so far, because whatever it turns out to be, I know it will be awesome!!! Earlier this summer, I was offered a Problems of the Week (PoW)subscription by the Math Forum at Drexel University. In a conversation I had with Vicki “Cool Cat Teacher” Davis, she offered me some ideas as to how I could incorporate collaboration in my math class. She suggested that I take a math problem “around the world” to compare and contrast how kids in different countries do math. I though it was great idea and went straight to the Math Forum to see if they had subscribers in different countries.
Continue reading PoW Planet Project (p^3)