Kids and “Internet Invincibility”

What’s with kids thinking that anything goes on the internet? When I think of the word “invincible”, I automatically visualize Super Mario with a star…running through all obstacles, killing everything in his path. Until he jumps into a great big hole that he didn’t see. That he can’t get out of. Because he was running way too fast.
I imagine that this what it feels like for kids who put all kinds of craziness on the internet for the whole world to see. For example, the girl who thinks it’s cute to share a picture of herself half-naked on Facebook until everyone is whispering about it and forwarding it to all of their friends. Or the boy who uses an obnoxious username until he is totally embarrassed when a parent or teacher finds out he’s referring to himself as “mr_sweetcheeks” on Twitter. Continue reading Kids and “Internet Invincibility”