Take a “bite” out of writing!

Today, I conducted a PD with my co-workers about writing. I reminded them about using the “hamburger paragraph” (top bun=topic sentence, meat/lettuce/tomatoes=3 supporting details, bottom bun=conclusion sentence which “holds it all together”) as a way to help students structure their writing appropriately.
Hamburger Paragraphs at work Hamburger paragraph in assessment

Above, you see an example of how a teacher used the hamburger paragraph to help her students write short answers on a test. One student even drew a hamburger in the margin to help her remember how to write her answer!
I also enlisted some students to make “hamburgers” for the faculty to get them excited about this idea…
2010-03-09 10.40.02.jpg 2010-03-09 10.39.49.jpg

Visit bakerella to get the details on how to make these cute cupcakes! (Yes, they are CUPCAKES.)  Thank you, Robyn, David, Rinieca, Terralyn, Ashley, Shane, and Ahmad for your help! You did a great job!

For more info on writing the hamburger paragraphs, visit this page for a printable handout for your students and go here (at the bottom) for lots more.