Triple whammy

This is the first of three posts I will do today. There has been so much going on, I have not had a chance to upload it all until now! First, I have some pics of my students playing a card matching came in calculus. I have attached a link to one of the matching card sets which I printed out and laminated. Students had to match the equation of a function with its graph,the graph of its 1st and 2nd derivatives, and verbal descriptions of the functions’ graphs. It was a good review activity as we get closer to the (dreaded) AP exam!

long time, no see…

It’s been a while, guys! I had my wisdom teeth pulled as most of you know, over the Thanksgiving break, so I’m finally back in the “swing” of things. Here are few pics of the last project we did in Calc. Students created a poster to describe an assigned function. Some groups used Geogebra to generate and print graph of their function. Click on the last photo to see the guidelines the students were given. Enjoy!!!