Triple whammy

This is the first of three posts I will do today. There has been so much going on, I have not had a chance to upload it all until now! First, I have some pics of my students playing a card matching came in calculus. I have attached a link to one of the matching card sets which I printed out and laminated. Students had to match the equation of a function with its graph,the graph of its 1st and 2nd derivatives, and verbal descriptions of the functions’ graphs. It was a good review activity as we get closer to the (dreaded) AP exam!

statistics is *sweet*

Today we had a different kind of test in AP Stats. We had multiple choice and free response questions pulled from past AP exams as usual, but there was another part that required students to demonstrate their knowledge about the rules of probability and random variable distributions using M&Ms. Since this is a very typical activity, I decided to incorporate it into a chapter test to mix things up a bit. Since my students are so used to doing hands-on activities in class, why not use one as a formal assessment? I think this is the first time I caught my students smiling during a test! For a sample activity set on M&Ms and probability, visit

Algebra Camp Day 4

Today we really got down to business and learned. The first group played math jeopardy, and we all had pedometers and we walked around campus and calculated how many steps we took in a certain amount of minutes. The second group worked on integers and also played math jeopardy. Tomorrow will probably be even more exciting.
by Abigail and Amber

Algebra Camp Day Three

how many marbles doe it take to break the spaghetti?
how many marbles doe it take to break the spaghetti?


Wow! today was even better than day 2!  We split up into our groups again. Group one learned how to multiply and divide fractions, while group 2 did an experiment. Group 2 tested the strength of spaghetti pieces. We used spaghetti, styrofoam cups, paperclips, marbles, and a partner. Attaching the paperclip to the cup and the spaghetti inside the paperclip, we added marbles into the cup until the spaghetti popped. This was by far the best time we have had at algebra camp. It seams that each day gets better and better. This is truly a great exprience, with great teachers.
by-Leo, Kalon and Abigail