Extreme Powerpoint Makeover/ Guest Appearance

I thought the last post was getting lengthy, so I broke this update into two entries. (Check out the previous post to get caught up if you haven’t been here for a while.)

Now, where was I? OH! I have also been having fun with Powerpoint again. Throw a little Skype into the mix, and you have a lesson made in tech heaven. Here’s the scenario: Those of you who know me (or my blog) know that I had somewhat of a Powerpoint epiphany around this time last school year, and my ppts haven’t been the same since. I worked closely with the senior class of my school at the time to create awesome powerpoints for their senior project. I agreed to help them out again this year, although I was at a new school. Since my schedule eliminated the possibility of a visit, I used skype to present to them. I think the best thing about the experience (which wasn’t without its challenges) was my ability to share my screen with the students watching online. We met twice–the first time a student showed me her ppt over Skype’s shared screen, and the second meeting was my showing a revamped version using the principles I taught the students.
Here’s the before and after.


View more presentations or Upload your own.

View more presentations or Upload your own.

These are very abridged versions of the ppts, but hopefully you can see the changes in the few slides included. After she presents, I will post the student’s finished ppt in its entirety.

Last, but definitely not least, I have another guest entry for your viewing pleasure!

The pics in the gallery above are of a project completed by one of my former colleagues, Kay Butler, with her students. After seeing the pictures of my geometry project on parallel lines, Kay decided to use pictures to motivate her Math 3 students to learn how to write quadratic equations from the graph of a parabola. Mrs. Butler’s class collected photos of architecture and other real life visuals involving parabolas. These photos, if you look closely, are superimposed on a grid that students then used to identify points for quadratic regression. When I saw this, I knew I had to blog it! For more info, email Kay at kbutler@pftsta.k12.la.us. Go Kay! Keep up the great work!

Whew! Do you feel caught up? I do! As you can see, the new year has come with new experiences and exponential growth in the happenings of my crazy classroom. I will continue to share as much as I can, and I hope that this is helpful to someone out there! Happy new year!!!

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  1. Hey, T! You’re right – you have revamped your website! Oh! I was fortunate enough to be the moderator for Ngoc’s senior project. Her presentation was wonderful – her Powerpoint was organized with powerful visuals that helped to keep her on track for almost fifteen minutes! Tinashe, thanks for your help with our seniors and their projects! Ngoc, congratulations on a fantastic presentation! Love, MzB

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