Let me catch you up–Grants and Glogs

There has been SO much going on.
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First, I FINALLY finished my Master’s degree in December. YAAAAAY!!! Now that I have scratched that off my list, I can focus more on family and work.

I recently recieved a $10,000+ “Model Technology Classroom” grant which will result in way more tech tools for my students and I to use in class. An effect of my going from a technology magnet school to a large urban school has been the lack of readily-available technology tools for my students to use. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a Promethean board and access to many tech tools, but I came from a 1-to-1 laptop environment where every teacher had digital cameras, Flip cams, GPS, and other things. Here we have to share 10 sets of camera equipment among 150 teachers, for example. Getting this grant means I will have more tech stuff at my fingertips, and I am really excited about that!!!

In the meantime, I have been taking my financial math classes to the computer lab and library to get acquainted with my tech-rich teaching style. This week, we finished up a career project using Glogster. I did a lot of poster projects with my calculus and statistics classes last year, but Glogster seems like a great alternative , and the kids love it! Although I have known about it for a while, this is my first time using “Glogs” (virtual posters). I was really impressed with the students’ work! I hope you are, too. Click here for an example of an “virtual poster” created by one of my students.  I enjoyed seeing the students get creative while getting the necessary information across, and I am looking forward to doing more projects like this in the future.

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  1. Hay Tinashe. Wow, you put my techno-nerd cred to shame. Nice overhaul of the site. And kudos on the bold pro-Powerpoint stance! For a tool that typically is used to spew out the most painfully mundane presentations, I have to admit the ones you posted are awesome. I mean, “hot.”

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