PoW Planet Project (p^3)

I am super-excited about one of a few projects I have coming up. I do not have all the details but I have to share what’s happened so far, because whatever it turns out to be, I know it will be awesome!!! Earlier this summer, I was offered a Problems of the Week (PoW)subscription by the Math Forum at Drexel University. In a conversation I had with Vicki “Cool Cat Teacher” Davis, she offered me some ideas as to how I could incorporate collaboration in my math class. She suggested that I take a math problem “around the world” to compare and contrast how kids in different countries do math. I though it was great idea and went straight to the Math Forum to see if they had subscribers in different countries.

Not only was the answer “yes”, but I was immediately connected with Math Forum staffer Max Ray, who I have been chatting with about the idea, now dubbed the PoW Planet Project, or “P-cubed”. Max has already emailed and tweeted over 20 teachers from all parts of the globe including Australia, Vietnam, Peru, Finland and Indonesia. We have both called the response “overwhelming. There are a lot of teachers who want to try this out! Although we have not hashed out every detail as of yet, we are discussing it regularly and I plan to start using PoWs with my classes on Monday, August 22nd, in hopes that we can do our first video chat via our brand new blog (link TBA) on Friday, August 26th.
Please stay tuned for this very exciting collaboration. We plan to set up the site for live video chats as well as asynchronous communication via Twitter and teacher blog entries. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested in participating in this project. I do not know what to expect, but I am looking forward to this new adventure!

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