Why I

Kids love it. They are attached to their cell phones, video games, and social networks 24-7. Why not use this to your advantage as a teacher?
Kids need it. When they enter the workforce or higher education, they are expected to create and consume content via tech tools. It is my responsibility to prepare them for this reality.
It makes difficult tasks easy–i.e. grading papers, collecting and storing documents, sharing important dates, displaying student work, etc.
It reduces the amount of paper I have to deal with. ’nuff said.
It allows me to connect with awesome educators from all over the world. Lots of knowledge and experience is a tweet or Google search away. Many people are willing to share their expertise on a variety of subjects for free, on the web.
I have it, why not use it? I have been blessed to have access to a classroom full of tech tools. Am I going to use them? You bet I am!

OK, there’s my shortlist…(it’s a work in progress!) what’s yours?

All my edtech peeps and tweeps, why do you heart technology?

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