two of three (short and sweet)

This is another post is about my new found love for PowerPoint. After reading Slide:ology, I have a totally different outlook on what makes presentations HOT. I will attach PowerPoints that I helped my students make ASAP, but, for now, enjoy a few pics of the “workshop that changed everything.”

UPDATE! Here is an example of an awesome ppt that one of my students made for her senior project as a result of our work together.

6 thoughts on “two of three (short and sweet)”

  1. Slide:ology made a significant difference in the level of productivity and interest in the Senior Project Panel. The main comment heard from judges was that students needed more practice with the technology. According to my new philosophy, “It’s never too late!” so hopefully the lesson was learned and more preparation will precede the next big event – graduation.

  2. After the workshop, my view of doing powerpoint definitely changed. I’m glad I learned new ways to do powerpoint. I really enjoyed making a “hot” powerpoint. 🙂

  3. Slide:ology has really helped me to amaze my audience by my powerpoint. Mrs. Blanchet’s workshop really opened my eyes to all the different wonders of Microsoft Powerpoint that I knew existed, but I wasn’t really sure how to use them to make my powerpoint, in the words of Mrs. Blanchet, HOT. Thank you Mrs. Blanchet! 🙂

  4. While making our slides “hot” makes everything look better, it also makes the time to make these PowerPoints longer. If we had some more time to work with the Slide:ology stuff, we probably could’ve made even better presentations.

  5. Slide:ology changed the way I thought about the powerpoint and the features it offered. When Mrs. Blanchet talked about slide:ology I almost thought it was impossible to be able to make a presentation that great. After Mrs. Blanchet’s help, I was able to make a “smokin’ hot” presentation. Simplicity, I learned, was key to making a good presentation.


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