statistics is *sweet*

Today we had a different kind of test in AP Stats. We had multiple choice and free response questions pulled from past AP exams as usual, but there was another part that required students to demonstrate their knowledge about the rules of probability and random variable distributions using M&Ms. Since this is a very typical activity, I decided to incorporate it into a chapter test to mix things up a bit. Since my students are so used to doing hands-on activities in class, why not use one as a formal assessment? I think this is the first time I caught my students smiling during a test! For a sample activity set on M&Ms and probability, visit

10 thoughts on “statistics is *sweet*”

  1. The M&Ms taste like dark chocolate to me, but I guess it was fun. =/

    LOL just j/k For of course counting M&Ms for a test is fun. Especially if you get to eat it afterwards.

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