powerpoint + promethean = :D

Happy New Year! I’m on a powerpoint kick right now, since I am so in love with my new Promethean board. I am attaching a quiz that I used powerpoint to create and presented with the ActivStudio Desktop overlay to give an Activote quiz. It was pretty awesome, and I know I can do much more with practice. I am trying to incorporate my board as more than just a high-tech whiteboard. I also save and publish our written notes as powerpoint files to the course calendar daily so students can use them for future reference. Here is an example. Nothing complicated– just some homework problems we did in class.Note the imported Geogebra screenshot on slide 13…hotness!

Stay tuned…my stats class is working on a great project that I will be posting video of ASAP!

In other news…

this was too cute for me to not post(…and what math geek doesn’t love pencils?)!

One thought on “powerpoint + promethean = :D”

  1. For another great use for a pencil, see The Dark Knight.
    Okay, not my most intelligent remark, but I’ve been hangin’ around high-schoolers all day.
    Dang Mrs. Blanchet, my web site is like a little mom ‘n’ pop store, and your blog is like Wal-Mart. Perhaps you ought to be teaching that Technology in Secondary Math course at UNO. Actually, would could I interest you in a guest lesson??

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