41 thoughts on “Welcome Back!”

  1. ny summer was great. Frankly, I would have rathered a little more time…but its cool…just making a post for those points…you know me….!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE…lol…

  2. Hay Mrs Blanchet, I’m doing my homework and leaving you a comment. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be leaving, but GO CALCULUS!

  3. Okay, I suppose were supposed to leave a post here…
    I have no idea what were suppost to post about…
    So…here is my post…

  4. What kind of video was that?!?!?!?!

    That was random. You had too much time over the summer surfing around youtube for RANDOM videos. I hope you don’t expect for us to make something like this during the course. =(

  5. seriously i doubt they spent more then ten bucks on this video. I mean look at it he was sitting on a washer, but i guess the pics they showed of graphs helped a lot…..ok maybe a little. Their lyrics could use a little work they tried to make it rhyme but it didn’t turn out to well and is he trying to dance i can’t tell, but thats probably a better video then i could make

  6. Hey Mrs. Blanchet, my summer was long and full of different programs, and I wish it was longer, but I am looking forward to a new school year.

  7. hi ms. blanchet

    wowww… there are some interesting things here…oh, and i know some kids who mr. white (mr. whizite) teaches at Lusher. they say he is an intersting person…….

  8. yo yo yo ms. blanchizet. this is kamrin btw, didn’t think you would have too much trouble figuring that out

  9. haha alex, mr whizite would wipe the floor with that little guy 😛

    i thought that alphabet thing you did was pretty cool, btw, mrs blanchet… o.O

  10. wow, ms. blanchet. you took pictures every moment you possibly could. haha. did your husband make the invitation for the P party? i like the design of the p spiraling. the video is hilarious XD

  11. Wow, that was so totally random. ._.

    Rapping, lol! They need to work on the lyrics.

    Btw, my summer was okay. I volunteered, lazed around, read books….you get the idea. =D

  12. we’re supposed to leave a comment.

    and this is a comment

    i’m glad to be back at school, and i’m sure math is going to be so much fun!!

  13. This is one video that even the biggest —– in the world like K*r*nt could appreciate. This is Ranmali Gary DeSilverio.

  14. ……………….I’m completely speechless(…)
    hi, Mrs. Blanchet……hi….wow….I’m really impressed…….
    …..and that’s all I’m going to say(…

  15. love reading through your weblog, Welcome Back! | blanchetBlog , I think I have learn something and therefore would like to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation……It shows that u really have put alot of effort for your blog.

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