Algebra Camp Day 4

Today we really got down to business and learned. The first group played math jeopardy, and we all had pedometers and we walked around campus and calculated how many steps we took in a certain amount of minutes. The second group worked on integers and also played math jeopardy. Tomorrow will probably be even more exciting.
by Abigail and Amber

2 thoughts on “Algebra Camp Day 4”

  1. Today was a fun day at Algebra camp. we walked around while having speedomiters on. we graphed the resulets then we played a math version of jeperdy

  2. hey mrs. B it is erika (u kno the 1 who was leaning on u today in the computer lab) well i just wanted to let you kknow that you have made this 1 week that i thought was going 2 b bad u made it FUN

    thanks -erika-

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