More Pinterest fun: Printable Post-its!

My latest and greatest Pinterest find is “printable post-its”! Basically, you print out a template on which you stick your post-its, then run it back through the printer to print whatever you want!!! I love it. So far, I have used this idea to print numbers for students to sort different sets of numbers on a bulletin board.


Here’s how:
Visit this site (  to get Word templates for large and small post-its. Print out the pages with the boxes first and affix your post-its to each page. When I was ready to print on the post-its, I removed the border from each text box to make sure it would not reprint on my post it. Also, be sure to test print on a a blank sheet to make sure everything comes out in the direction you want before printing on your stickies. I had to set my printer to print upside down for it to come out right.

I am so obssessed with this–I know I will be using this idea again to give students important formulas and rules to add to their notes, maybe as a study guide replacement. I also found an example on the Writing Fix site ( where they provide tons of post-it templates for young writers. I forwarded it to all the English teachers I know–I know they are going to love it. Please leave a comment to share ways you could use the printinable post-its in your class!

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