Our First Math Rap Video!

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was about to start working on a video project with the kids involving writing and producing a math rap and video. It has turned out to be kind of a big deal. So much so, we decided to put out a “trailer” a few weeks ahead of the actual video, which we are entering into the LaCUE (state tech conference) student video contest next month. Below, you will find the original song/video of “My Boy” by local teen star, Kourtney Heart, that inspired our rap about logarithms: “That’s my Log”. We chose the song not only since it’s a cool tune, but also because it represents the New Orleans area musically, featuring another hometown star who recently died, Magnolia Shorty.

I have been so surprised by my students stepping up to record, plan, and produce the music for this song. It is so amazing to see what your students can do when given a challenge. I am super-proud of what we’ve done so far, in awe of the talents my students possess and can’t even imagine what the finished product is going to look like. I’m already blown away by what we’ve done so far! Enough gushing; here is the trailer for our much anticipated video. Enjoy–we definitely are!

Giving credit where credit is due, we were soooo inspired by Dave Schultz and his students at Westerville South High in Ohio, that we decided to make a video of our own. The final video will be submitted as a “reply” to our favorite video of theirs: the “Quad Solve!” Here is a link to Westerville South’s You Tube channel:


I think I have shared all of their videos here on my blog in some of my past posts. Thanks again for the inspiration–game on!

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