The 1st Super Teacher Show

I am very proud to say that the first Super Teacher show aired and the recording is now available on the Super Teacher Show Vimeo channel! Like the Simpsons, currently the longest running sitcom on television, the Super Teacher Show is starting off somewhat rough around the edges, but I expect it to grow and mature to be more polished and engaging.

Growing Pains
One thing that was challenging for me with doing the first show, was the pressure I put on myself for everything to be perfect! Inevitably, nothing went as planned–we had trouble with the video feed, the recording did not come out the way I wanted with a weird sound when I spoke, and I forgot to close the video chat during the show, resulting in a few users “stumbling in” during the interview. Despite all of these hiccups, I am still pushing forward with the project in the hopes that I can iron out the issues over time. I sincerely believe that the Super Teacher Show will evolve into something really great, but I know that the only way to get it there is to continue doing it, mistakes and all, and making improvements as I go forward.

About Shelly
For the first show, which was called the “Back to School” edition, I interviewed Shelly Terrell, known as @shellterrell on Twitter. She spoke about finding your passion as an educator, doing exciting, fun activities with your students, and setting goals to try innovative methods for engaging your classes. She is currently writing a book about a successful international collaboration project she started called the 30 goals challenge. Here is a video in which Shelly explains the challenge:

Next month, Leo Babauta, the writer behind the super-popular blog Zen Habits, will be my guest. I am way too excited about it! Please tune in on October 11 at 6:00 PM EST to see what he has to say to educators. Although Leo is not an educator by trade, he has taught me many great lessons through his writings and I know that his message of simplicity and finding Zen in today’s world will resonate with teachers, especially when we are stressing about grades, kids, parents, and the many other challenges we face. I hope to see you there!

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