My minimalist classroom

I have been back at work for over a month now, and it has taken this long for me to realize that I really love my classroom! I am starting my second year in a VERY large classroom that was given to me “as is” with a lot of work that needed to be done. In other words, it was a real “fixer upper” with cabinets filled with old supplies, and lots of dust and spiderwebs. Nevertheless, it was worth the work needed to get it ready for the size and potential of the room. Last year, I was very happy with progress I made getting rid of all the existing the junk and bringing in my own. Yes, I brought a lot of my own junk in, but at the time I thought it was necessary. Since, my mindset has changed and thus, I have taken a totally different approach to organizing my stuff. I found my self throwing away drawers full of papers I was holding onto “just in case”. I even brought in a few plants this year which have done wonders for cleaning the air giving everyone who walks in a fresh, cheerful welcome. With a class set of iPads on the way, a scanner, and a disdain for all things printed, I worked to rid myself of as much paper as possible and learned that the less stuff I have, the less stuff I have to organize. In my home and classroom, my new mantra is “do you need that?”
Here are some photos of my newly minimalist classroom. I had a friend with a better camera than mine come take some nice photos of my classroom earlier in the school year. You will see my primary goals are for the room to be work-ready, comfortable, and inviting. Getting a better camera is on my “must-do” list, so expect to see more current photos soon with a more “lived -in” look with student work on the walls! For now, please enjoy the pics.

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  1. Hi, Great post. I’m tired of seeing posts about classrooms jammed packed with stuff. I think my brain is getting more and more over stimulated as I go longer into teacher. I’m starting at a new school this year and have inherited a classroom with lots of stuff. My goal is to get rid of it. I’ve got a set of laptops that replace most of the paper that students use. I scan important things that come in paper form. I’m really looking forward to a very clean and minimalistic classroom this year. Thanks for the post.

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