Hands-on Measurement Project

Last week, my IB Math Studies student completed their first project. I had them make a large scale model of a small, everyday object to practice their measurement skills. I was blown away when one of my students showed up after the weekend holding a 3-foot replica of a TI-84 graphing calculator. The detail was ridiculous–all the labels were typed and printed exactly like the original, and you could press the buttons! I also had a groups make a large Snickers bar, an huge iPad, and a MacBook Pro twice as big as normal. After the projects were completed, students from other math classes received extra credit from their teacher for coming to me at lunch and grading my students’ work. Here is the rubric they completed–I created it on Google Docs.

One thing I tried with this form was the “scale” question type. It was a little confusing for the students who graded projects because I overlooked that the top criteria were associated with the lowest point values. Next time, I will be sure to fix this issue. Otherwise, the kids really seemed to enjoy critiquing the work of their peers, and I really loved to see how great teh models came out. This is definitely not the last time I will do this project with my students. Last year, I became so focused on integrating technology, that I really didn’t do many hands-on activities and projects. This reminded me that I must include hands-on projects in addition to tech activities to create a well-rounded, engaging math classroom.
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