Making Infographics with Glogster EDU

I am happy and proud to say that my students finally finished their first project of the new school year! I re-visited an oldie, but goodie, an online “infographic” all about functions. We used, a website where students can make fun, interactive online posters that I have used for several projects in past classes.

Check out my Flickr gallery of this and last’s year’s best function infographic projects.

2 thoughts on “Making Infographics with Glogster EDU”

  1. Hi Tinashe,
    Are you going to buy a subscription to GlogsterEDU? I am so upset that they have restructured their plans. I used to have a teacher membership with 200 student accounts for free, but all of that changed on September 15. I am thinking about paying for the plan that costs $30. I need to use the EDU part of Glogster with my 4th graders. They loved creating their glog last year and I was looking forward to using the site even more this year.

    The glogs your students created are wonderful and I like the way you can create a quiz using PhotoPeach.

    1. Hi Paula!
      Thx for the comment! I did go ahead and buy the premium subscription, but only for a few months, I think. I cannot see what the big difference is, to be honest, I just know I was having some difficulty, so I bought the subscription so my kids could do it. I am disappointed about the changes too!

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