Limits in Plain English [[RELOADED]]

Back in October, I posted a video from the ongoing “Calculus in Plain English” series that my students have created about Limits. It was great and recieved a lot of positive feedback from students and colleagues. So, when I was asked by my principal to submit a technology project for our district’s digital media fair, it was a “no-brainer”…we had to enter “Limits in Plain English! My students were wa-a-a-a-y more tech savvy in December than they were when they orginally made the video, so we took a few days to update the original video with screencasts and sound effects. We also had to create a 2-minute intro/trailer for the project, which you see above. I am very happy with the result and think my students should be very proud! They used Google Docs to collaborate on the script. Here is a quick screencast I made to show how my students use Google docs for projects like this: is a website where you can create FREE, no-download required screencasts through any Java-enabled browser.  It took all of five minutes for my students to figure out how use this awesome tool to update the instructional segments of their video.

Check out the new, IMPROVED Limits in Plain English!!!

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