Periodic Table, Elements, and Technology

My Chemistry class worked on a project to explore the uses of elements in everyday life. Ms. Blanchet and I worked together as a collaborative team to develop this lesson. The lesson was student-centered in that the students had to work together in pairs and use software to gather information. The software was on iPads. In pairs, students were to explore an assigned group of elements. Some students worked alone in order to cover the whole periodic table. This lesson was a great replacement lesson from my rather lackluster and traditional lesson on the elements. The students were involved from the beginning to end of lesson. The lesson was designed for 45 minutes. The introduction of the lesson/ student engagement was a song that had all the elements names in the song. I offered the students who learned this song by heart an incentive of an “A” on a bonus test grade. Next, the students had to find the symbol, the atomic number, draw a picture, and to write a use. The pictures the student drew were admirable, and they had very few problems finding uses. The students were engaged throughout the whole lesson. As for comments from the students, they said the graphics and the software was great, they learned that elements are in many things and is used for everything. Also, they wished they had more time. In order, to achieve an excellent grade, students were encouraged to go home over the weekend to finish with the help of a website: to complete assignment. The final product is to have a huge periodic table to display. I hope this goes well. It is a class effort and everyone had a part to do. -Ms. J. Gibson, John Ehret H. S. Chemistry teacher More Links:

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