It’s all about the Benjamins.

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The photo above is a new incentive that I am incorporating in my GEE prep class next week. It is a very large class (over 35) and discipline can be an issue at times. As we get closer to the end of the quarter, my patience has began to run out. I have written a few detentions and even had a student removed by the administration. However, I have never been one to issue consequences without offering rewards, too. Last year, I used “Homeworkopoly” as reward system for my remedial Geometry class, and it worked well. This year, my issue is not with homework, but simply with keeping almost 40 students on task throughout a given class period. Last week, my oldest daughter ran for Student Council Treasurer and asked my husband to make her some $100 bills with her face on it. He’s a graphic designer, so he made them look really professional, as if they were printed right from the U.S. Mint. Upon seeing them, I instantly thought about the “Blanchet Benjamin” and using them in my class as a reward for proper behavior.
I printed them in color on parchment paper to make them look realistic and they came out looking great! On Monday, I am going to make a “Price List” bulletin board where students can refer to find out how they can redeem their Blanchet bucks. So far, I have not decided exactly how it will work, but a few ideas I have are that $1000=lunch with teacher and $500=5 extra points on a quiz,. I will probably talk to the students to get some more ideas. One of my colleagues, Mrs. Hubbard, who teaches Biology and Medical Terminology, was intrigued by the idea and asked if my husband could make her some “Hubbard Hundreds”. Here’s what she got:
Needless to say, the requests keep pouring in. Now, there’s a “Blouin Benjamin” and a “Fletcher Franklin” on order. In light of my husband’s inability to make a personalized bill for every teacher I’ve ever met, I searched the internet for a way for anyone to make a personalized dollar bill.

Visit and you can put your face on not only a hundred dollar bill, but a $1, $5, $20, and lots of denominations for countries the world over.

This is not only a great tool for creating incentive dollars, but I imagine Social Studies teachers using this as a fun way to familiarize students with international currency. I can’t wait to see how my students react to our new money. I will definitely update you on what happens!

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