Patience is a virtue.

The above video was tweeted by one of my many “tweeps”, and something told me that I was going to want to take a look at it at some point in the future.  I had no idea.  I am currently attending a summer institute presented by the Math Forum at Drexel, and the idea and process of “patient problem solving” has been at the center of much of what we have done this week.  We have explored a few “PoWs”, problems of the week, that are available on the Math Forum’s website.  Some problems were given to us in an incomplete state–with a math scenario presented with no specific question to answer.  Without a concrete mathematical goal, we were able to simply observe and decipher the given information without the urgent need to “get the right answer”. I am so looking forward to incorporating PoWs in my daily class routine and teaching my students (and myself) to practice patient problem solving.

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